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Our members have their say…

“What a valuable and unique insight into the casting process this course has been. I’m sure everyone would agree, seeing the work of fellow actors as they tackle the same issues and/or scenes as yourself is a fascinating and edifying experience.”

- Kristin Holland, Melbourne

“I have learnt SO much over the last six weeks! Thank you Greg for the incredibly informative feedback. I cannot wait to put all this newfound character knowledge into my auditions.”

- Sian Ewers, Sydney

“Ultimately, casting directors spend more time with me in the room and best of all I continue to find unexplored territory through individuality by, as Greg always says: ‘allowing the character to deliver the dialogue.’”

- Stephen Horst, NYC

“I’ve really appreciated receiving the weekly feedback from you Greg. You have a way of giving enlightening insight that is both bold and refreshing. This is one of the most innovative courses I know of so far!”

- Kylie Loveday, Sydney


Greg Apps is an Australian Casting Director. He has been casting full time since 1982. Over this period he has cast over 70 feature films and countless hours of television.

Along the way has cast the likes of Russell Crowe, Eric Bana, Hugo Weaving, and Guy Pearce in their breakout roles.

Greg works tirelessly to educate actors in Australia and around the world about the casting directors’ space and how to connect to decision makers via self tapes.