Actors: Make A Decision, Then Do The Opposite!

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I’m a bit of a Michael Shurtleff fan, he wrote Audition. One of the things he says to actors is ‘whatever you decide is your motivation in a scene, the opposite of that is also true and should be in the scene’.

Your drama training tells you to make decisions doesn’t it? In fact I’m betting with a lot of your drama training you actually get the sides and you write your decisions in the margin beside the line. Michael Shurtleff says the opposite is also true. Imagine that, you can go anywhere!

But you don’t with an audition do you? You lock it down, you make that firm decision. And you think that’s good acting and I’m here to tell you it’s bad acting. Okay no it’s good acting, it’s bad auditioning.

Trust me, I’ve seen more auditions then I have actors. Trust me, locking it down, making a firm decision… dull! Talk to you soon.