Actors Be Proactive Not Reactive!

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Your journey as an actor, and this is just my assessment, your journey is you get a great photo, you get a great resume, you are so excited by your agent and now you wait.

Well no perhaps you don’t wait, perhaps what you do is you do workshops and things like that to be a better actor.

I believe if you do all those things as an actor you are being reactive. You are waiting for someone else to trigger an opportunity for you. Somebody else to provide the impetus to change the destiny of your career. Its not driven by your ability it’s driven by somebody else’s decision.

But if you were proactive, what you would be doing is you’d be seeking to place yourself in front of those people who are making decisions. You’d be seeking to put the right content, the right digital communication in front of them which makes them think about you and remember you.

That is the journey of Self Taping School. To empower actors to be proactive about their career rather than reactive. Because at the moment, who dictates the entire process of your opportunities? Your agent.

I want to put that power back in your hands.