What Are Auditions Really About?

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I want to try and take you into a new territory at the moment in terms of everything you may have learned/been taught in terms of drama. And that is auditions are not about acting.

Auditions are not about showing what a good actor you are. Auditions are about a relationship. Two relationships in fact.

Every audition scene is about a relationship. Every audition scene is about the characters relationship to the others in the scene. That’s what we’re exploring.

You’re good enough. You don’t have to show you can play the part, we know you can play the part. What we’re wondering is; who is the character in your hands? What is the relationship with the other character in the script, in this sequence, in the scene, if we choose your version of the character.

There’s a second relationship, and probably just as important in terms of delivering relationships in the audition room. And that is the relationship with the people who are making the decision.

Do they want to spend 6 weeks with you? Do they want to see more of your work? Do you leave the room and they are intrigued and want to see more? Or do you leave the room and they go ‘Well, that’s what they do. That’s what he does, that’s what she does.’

Relationships are the most important thing you can deliver in an audition. Certainly drama teachers don’t teach you that.

We teach you that. We teach you that at The Self Taping School because that’s what it’s all about. All the Self Taping School is about is the relationship between an actor and the casting director. And the more you understand that, the more you can embrace that, the more opportunities you’ll get.