Delivering Your Version Of The Character

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I’ve spoken here before about pilot season or in fact any audition session that with self testing they can now see a LOT more people.

So what is going to be the difference between your audition ad somebody else’s audition?

Because at the moment what you’re trying to do is get those sides exactly right. Exactly what they’re looking for.

Do you think that makes you stand out?

They’re seeing a lot of actors. They’re seeing a lot of good actors. Have you delivered something that’s memorable? Or something that’s faithful?

If you deliver a faithful rendition of the sides, you’re like everybody else. I get lots of actors who can deliver a faithful rendition of the sides.

But who’s delivered that point of instinctive, intuitive, spontaneity? Who’s delivered that spark? That moment that makes us go ‘Oh! Isn’t he interesting?’.

If you want a good example of what I’m talking about, watch Ben Mendelsohn in Bloodline.

Be an individual. It works.