As an actor do you have an Elevator Pitch?

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Do you have an elevator pitch?

Do you know what an elevator pitch is?

An elevator pitch is a succinct and persuasive sales pitch. Urban Dictionary says ‘what you say when you have a powerful person trapped in a small space, like an elevator, for about 30 seconds’.

So what can you say in 30 seconds about you that succinctly sums up who you are, what you do.

My elevator pitch? My elevator pitch to producers is; ‘if you’ve got a film that needs testosterone, keep me in mind’. There you go, that ran about 6 seconds.

Testosterone. Why do I say that? Well because I cast films like Romper Stomper, Chopper, The Interview. Films that have alpha males and lots of testosterone in them.

What is your succinct sales pitch? What is the role you were born to play? What is the role that you have to be seen for? That’s your elevator pitch.

Now having decided and understanding what you pitch is, that is what you must pursue. You must pursue that brand. That succinct, concise assessment of who you are and what you deliver. You must pursue that in all your tapes, demo reels, headshots, character shots. Because that is the way you communicate to casting directors.

And you’re going to say ‘well doesn’t that type cast me?’. Yep. Oh to be type cast and play that kind of role again and again and again, until you are old and rich and very famous.

Your elevator pitch. It’s important.