How Does An Actor Impress Their Agent?

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An agent rang me the other day… no in fact he didn’t ring me because if the phone rings I go ‘What’s that? A phone call?’

I’m a casting director. The phone doesn’t ring. Why? It all happens here. It all happens via email. It’s a digital world. It has changed the whole communications path between an actor, an agent, and a casting director.

It’s not just self testing that is part of this digital path. It’s also the communications of sending out breakdowns and receiving suggestions.

So anyway, this agent emailed me and said ‘see so-and-so please see so-and-so’, which is the agents job, they’re there going in to bat for you, the actor.

‘Please see so-and-so, please see so-and-so’. I said ‘I’m really sorry but my session is full, I haven’t got time’ and they said ‘Let him do a self test’. No brainer. ‘Sure, do a self test, love to get a self test’. No skin off my nose is it?

What sort of relationship do you have to have with your agent 1. To go into bat for you to go ‘You’ve got to see him, you’ve got to see him’ and 2. ‘Let him do a self test, let him do a self test, because my client does great self tests’.

That’s the opportunity that self testing gives the actor these days. It gives the opportunity to place your work in front of a casting director. It gives the opportunity for your agent to push you to me. To really go out and promote you to a casting director.

But geez you better do cracking self tests. You better have the right digital relationship with your agent. That’s what we explore here at The Audition Technique.