Actors – How to Eliminate The Fear In The Audition Room

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There’s a journey in the audition process, and I think most actors think that it’s there ability that’s on show. I think actors understand or believe that it’s there ability that is delivering the character, and do you know what’s actually delivering the character? It’s your fear.

It’s your fear of failure.

It’s your fear of making sure you get it right. It’s your fear of ‘this is an opportunity’. So you come in to the casting director’s studio and you are overwhelmed with the fear of getting it right because you only have this five or ten minutes.

That is the overriding emotion in your auditions isn’t it?

But in self taping it’s your space. It’s your journey. You do as many takes as you like.

An audition with a casting director is driven by all the qualities all the emotions that you don’t want to deliver whereas a self tape is a real opportunity.