How Does a Casting Director Approach A New Project?

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I don’t think actors understand the journey of a casting director because you come in to the audition and you think it’s about showing your creative ability.

You’ve got to understand that I’m a casting director and I am on a creative journey. I’m trying to populate this film, this TV series. How do I got about it?

Well the first thing I do is I pull out reference photos. Reference photos that represent the community. Because each actor, each character is not in isolation from everything else, they form a community.

You think of the great TV series. These are communities, and the actor has to fit comfortably within that community. So it’s not just a case of performance, it’s a case of what are the qualities of the actor? Do the qualities of the actor fit with the type of people I need to populate this community with?

If you think of that. If you think of my creative journey. You’ll get closer to booking jobs.