Moments Of Spontaneity In Auditions

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You know when you’re in a workshop and you’re doing your piece and there’s a distraction, something happens, but you keep going in the scene.

There was that little interlude in the middle where you weren’t focused on the character and the character’s journey. Something distracted you and a spontaneous moment was created.

How often after the workshop does one of the other actors come up to you and say ‘Wow that was fantastic’ and you reply ‘Yeah I don’t know, it just happened’.

Hang on a second. That left a memory. More importantly, that’s special. Do you think Jim Carrey plots everything? Will Smith? Johnny Depp?

It’s about spontaneous instinctive moments. That’s why people who do theatre succeed in screen acting. Comedians succeed in screen acting.

The thing to do is not say ‘Oh my god I made a mistake’, but how do I recreate spontaneity?