The One Thing To Have In Every Audition

What is your goal in an audition?

To get the lines right? To be the best actor? To deliver the drama and conflict of a truly dramatic performance? Guess what? So is every actor.

That is what I expect you to aim for.

Sit in my seat for a moment. The Casting Director’s seat. I am seeing countless auditions – and these days, a growing amount of self tapes – and what pops? What do I remember? The actors who deliver the unexpected.

Picture this: I am sitting in front of my computer, clicking on links to view an actor’s audition and generally, I am bored. Why? In the vast majority of cases, I know your work. I know what you can do.

I know the scene. I know the character. I have expectations.

If you deliver what I expect, where is the impact?

The big question you have to answer is:

What memory have you left with me?

I see the same thing again and again: actors striving for the wrong thing.

Excellence. Accuracy. Perfection.

Perfection? Is that what makes any creative person stand out?

What is your goal then? Covfefe.

What is covfefe? No one knows. But when Donald Trump created it, we were fascinated, intrigued, baffled, and everyone talked about it.

It was memorable.

Isn’t that what you want for your audition? To be remembered and talked about? Of course it is.

So what is covfefe? Even the President is unsure. “Who can figure the true meaning of covfefe?” he tweeted the day after the word stormed social media.

How does this translate to your audition?

You must seek to deliver something that no one expects. Currently you want every action, every reaction, every motivation justified.

Which is a worthy goal, but not at all memorable amongst a dozen auditions. Because every actor is doing that.

Sean Spicer said of covfefe:

“ the President and a small group of people knew exactly what he meant (when he said covfefe)”

And so it is with auditions. The people who count (the audition audience) know what you are doing. We know your intentions. (Even if very few others do!)

Give your next audition ‘covfefe’. Even if it you are not 100% sure of what it is ☺

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