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What Is The Best Way To Sell Yourself?

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When I think of the masses of marketing material I get, be it in the letterbox, via email or face to face, the person that sits there and tells me all about the product and the qualities of the product, makes me switch off.

I switch off unless I really really want that exact product they’re describing

Who does connect to me in terms of sales? Communications, ‘touches’ as I call them, that deliver a good story well told.

A good story well told can be two lines. But it’s left a memory, because it’s a good story well told. That’s the thinking I want you to apply.

I had an actor in who is the weapons expert with the Australian Reserve Army, so he can take apart every weapon. He’s left an indelible memory, he’s told me a good story. That’s more important than telling me all about the training you’ve done, the credits you’ve got, the roles you’ve played.

I know you’ve done all that. You’re an actor.

A good story well told.