What Is The Role You Were Born To Play?

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I want to pose a question to start you thinking and that is what is the role you were born to play?

To which many of you will go ‘I can play any role’. Yes, you can play any role.

But what is the role you are absolutely right for?

So you hear they’re casting a guy in a pink shirt and you go ‘Pick me, I’ve got a pink shirt!’

The point I’m making is there are certain roles. There a certain roles on TV you are absolutely perfect for.

And it’s not about whether you get the part or not. The main disappointment would be if you didn’t get the opportunity to audition. Did you get asked to self test?

That’s the main thing. Work out the roles you were born to play and make sure your agent knows you are perfect for those roles. Then your agent will go into bat for you.

The roles you were born to play. That’s the first answer you need in terms of your success as an actor. Talk to you soon.