When Are You In Front Of A Camera?

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When are you in front of a camera?

Here I am in front of a camera and I can explore and I can experiment and hey I’m pretty good at doing things in one take but sometimes I need a few takes.

Let’s think about you and your journey. When are you in front of a camera? I bet the vast majority of times you’re in front of camera is either an audition, where you really want the part, or a workshop. What do you want to do there? You want to impress the other actors.

The point being you are never in front of a camera just to explore, just to experiment. Let’s face it a musician will just sit there and scat, a singer, a painter. A sculptor will just try something and go ‘it’s not quite working’ and leave it one side.

When do you do that? When do you experiment with no goal? Other than to just explore. The answer is you don’t. You’re only ever in front of a camera to achieve.