Who Is The Best Person To Play This Character?

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To regular viewers of my blogs here, you’ll be aware of a couple of things. The first thing is I’ve had a haircut. Yes low and behold I’ve had my annual haircut, and the second thing is we’re no longer in Kansas. No I’m in Italy at the moment.

So how does one, in a foreign country, how does one organise a haircut? How do you brief the hairdresser?

The brief I gave him was George Clooney. That’s the brief I gave him and now you’re looking at my hair going ‘how George Clooney is it really?’

The point I’m trying to make is as soon as I was able to give him a specific person, a specific brief, he knew exactly what was required.

Now think of you preparing an audition character. What I want you to do is spend a minute and just think – who is the best person in the world to play this character?

Now you can build a character. Because you’ve just given yourself a very clear concise brief on exactly the type of character you want to create.

Because it’s not about the characters intention, the subplot or motivation. It’s about what message are you sending? And George Clooney sends a clear message, but not really with this haircut. My problem not yours.