Why A Pitch Perfect Audition Does Not Work

Pitch Perfect Image

Audition for Television or Film

When you are going for an audition for television or film,  it is imperative you keep this in mind: Avoid pitch perfect audition.

As an actor, facing a great audition opportunity for a big role, your goal is to deliver a perfect audition.

You beat yourself up if you miss a line or a pause because you think a pitch perfect audition will get you the part. Wrong.

A pitch perfect audition – one where your goal is to deliver a fabricated, set-in-concrete sequence of reactions – means you are the same as everyone else.

That is the goal of EVERY actor who is auditioning. Make no mistakes!!

So what is the key to the success of major film actors? They keep us guessing. We do not know what is coming next. We sit fascinated because they always amaze us

How do you achieve that?

When you prepare your audition, you decide on exact responses, exact reactions at exact moments in the scene. You plot and plan to turn your head on this line, to raise your voice on that line to show anger and you take a pause of the correct length at the time the script says: Pause.

If you achieve all of that, you have delivered a pitch perfect audition. Just like the last guy who was in the room. Just like the next guy… and the one after him!

As a casting director when we see actor after actor doing the same lines, the trap is that we can switch off creatively. We decide if we will focus on you in the first ten seconds of your audition.

You can capture our focus by finding magic moments – small, unfathomable, unpredictable, pieces of spontaneity.

To achieve this do not plan your reactions. Plan the relationship between the characters. If you know the relationship rather than the reaction, then every moment of your audition is prepared. You are prepared to discover the reactions when you arrive at that moment.

Unpredictability is scary. Very scary. But do not fear mistakes.

You should fear predictability more.