Why Didn’t You Get The Part?

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Why didn’t you get the part?

You did a fabulous audition, you feel really comfortable and confident about it and then you hear you didn’t get the part.

Then an agent will ring me and say ‘Oh they thought they did a great audition, can you tell them what to do next time so that they do get the part?’ and the answer is no, keep doing what you’re doing.

‘So why didn’t they get the part?’ they didn’t get the part because we didn’t choose them. We could’ve chosen them but we didn’t.

In a recent exercise in Self Taping School what happened is the members looked at six auditions from actresses who all did fabulous auditions for the same role. So they all saw the actors doing the same scene and two people we chosen as the best. The person that came second, why didn’t she get the part? We didn’t pick her. We could’ve picked her we just didn’t.

Understand that you just need to keep doing good work. There isn’t a better, there’s just the next audition, the next opportunity, and be individual.