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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Making Mistakes In An Audition

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In sport, in the professional arena, all the participants play to win. They’re not going out there to just turn up and play the game. Imagine if you supported a team like that. They’re in a professional sphere and you’re in a professional sphere as an actor.

So you go to auditions. Do you play to win? Do you play to find the moments and things that are better than everybody else? Or do you just play not to lose?

What I mean by that is do you go to an audition fearing mistakes so therefore what you do is you say ‘just don’t make any mistakes Greg just keep it all safe and nice.’

In my studio I see a lot of actors auditioning and 99.9% of actors play so they don’t lose rather than play to win. You’ve got to play to win. You’ve got to take those risks. You’ve got to out and do something that’s instinctive to you.

Don’t aim to not make mistakes. Aim to make mistakes! I reckon that’s the go. Talk to you soon.