Actor Head Shots say only One Thing

In a digital age, our lives, our inboxes and our computer are full of images. We communicate with images. We all know what a remote African village looks like. Or a bikie gang in Charming California.

Sons of Anarchy Lead Cast

Sons of Anarchy. Set in Charming, Calif. Does your actor shot inspire me?

If you wish to connect to a casting director, you need to send them an image of you that sends the message ‘if you are casting for this type of character, I must be seen’ !!!

That is what you want to say isn’t it? You want the CD to think of you, when the time is right.

At the moment, you leave it entirely to chance. Because your head shot tells me nothing.

Look at these images of the architect Steven Chu. He is not an actor but one can imagine this first image could be his head shot if he was an actor. And it says nothing. Nothing about his individuality. Nothing about his unique, personal qualities.

Nothing intrigues me about him.

Actor Head shot says Nothing

What part can this guy Play? Um….?

Make the casting director think with your actor head shot

Who is this guy? A true individual.








But the second image makes me think. What do I get from this image? Here is a man that is urbane, intelligent, considered, thoughtful. The setting and his posture communicate that.

In short, he is an individual.

Which is your goal as an actor isn’t it? To be an individual.

And believe me, your current actor head shot does not say that!

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