An Actor’s Biggest Hurdle In The Audition Space

When I am in the middle of a day of auditions, there is nothing better than auditioning an experienced actor, a performer who is at ease in the space. Who comes in and takes control of their audition.

Not in a bombastic, bossy way. Not dogmatically so. But they come in and are a consummate professional.

Is this you? Or are you a bag of nerves?

It is like a tradesman who comes in to fix your plumbing. The guy (or girl) who gets on with the job.

The actor who is tense, on edge, even nervous does not instill confidence in me. And hey, you are doing an audition, for a role you really want, so I know WHY you are stressed,

But look at it from my POV. Have you given me confidence? Can I go into bat for you?

Please remember audition success is not only about how good you are. You need someone on the team to speak on your behalf. To vouch for your ability.

Put simply, you are not judged by the tape alone.


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Kristin H, Brisbane


So what is your biggest problem?


Yes, YOU

Take a moment to ponder these things:

1. The Casting Director wants you to be fabulous. Because the better you are, the better they look to the director.
2. The glue that joins the actor and the casting director in this journey is the character. We are both looking for it! So the audition is not a journey about you, or your ability, or your performance. It is about the character.


Actors in Auditions are ...

Tip: You Are Good Enough. Now Enjoy!

3. You enter the room, and immediately adopt a lower status. You enter the room as if you are being judged. We want to like you. We want you to be the actor that answers all our prayers! We are on your side.
4. You beat yourself up for any and every slight problem. The audition is your FIRST DRAFT of the character. We are looking for imagination, individuality. Not perfection.
5. You think a good audition, is an audition where you get the lines right. That if you get a line wrong the audition is flawed. The inspiring character will trump an accurate delivery every time. (Do you think Robin Williams or Jim Carrey strive to get the lines exactly right?)

Robin Williams inspired with individuality

Robin Williams – No desire for accuracy!

Now these ideas are probably totally against everything your drama teacher has said to you. Do you have a drama teacher who says ‘we can’t work on the character until you have the lines learned?’

I disagree. Strongly.

The character delivers the dialogue
The dialogue does not deliver the character

My teachings are driven not by the text. But by making sure you deliver a compelling version of the character. Either in the room. Or is a self test.

And as you know, I am a great believer in the fact there is more freedom in a self test.

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thrown straight at my head! I Loved the past six weeks!”

Jon Q, Brisbane

STS Sept 2016

My two tips to you right now:

1. Get in front of a camera as often as possible. Even using an iPhone. Act on camera. That is the vehicle that delivers your ability in the 21st century. Not a stage.

2. Embrace Self taping. A short concise self tape of a scene suited to you, is worth far more than an audition for the wrong role in a casting directors studio.


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