The Audition Technique’s Pilot Season Guide





Last year, a small to medium agent in Sydney had over 400 pilot season auditions. None of them were ‘in the room’, with Sydney Casting Directors.

They were all self tests.

In 400 opportunities, how many call backs did they get?


That is a whole lot of nothing.

Let’s look at what went wrong.

The first thing you have to realise is that a LOT of actors are now being tested. Networks can see actors anywhere in the world. Everywhere in the world!

For example, if a project needs an Hispanic character, they would test in LA. And Miami. And Rio de Janeiro. And Buenos Aires. And lots of other places.


The next big change in the market place is there are more networks. There has been an explosion of On Demand services and cable networks.

International series are now shot in Prague, and Mexico, and Scandinavia, and well, everywhere. And of course, that means actor opportunities are everywhere.


There are some very important factors affecting your opportunities. I have compiled a podcast here, which you can listen to above.

OK, so this is not a one-size-fits-all solution. And to be honest, no one can tell you exactly how to tackle every pilot season opportunity.

At the moment, you are waiting for your agent to call or email. You do not understand that you can influence how many opportunities you get. How many pilot season auditions you can have a crack at.

To which you will be skeptical. And in response will say “Acting is a creative, subjective journey. It is impossible to create auditions”

And if that is your attitude, then yep, you are right. You cannot change your chances.

But if you want to start changing the way the decision makers in your career think about you, then there are many things you can do.