Auditions: is it Better to Sit or Stand?

What are your Choices in an Audition ….

Because after all, isn’t it YOUR Audition?

I was speaking recently to a senior creative director at a major advertising agency here in Australia.

The first thing he did when he started in his new job, was to take away the chairs in the meeting room. OMG!

He wanted people to stand, rather than sit. He wanted them to engage proactively, rather than sit back and wait for things to happen. Usually as a result of other people’s actions.

In short, he wanted them to commit to a course of action.

And then execute it.

Do you do that? In an audition? And if you can’t, then we must change your thinking.

Greg has pushed the idea of being MORE confident and trusting my gut.

Learning to free myself up in the frame for an audition and releasing

myself from the “box” that we feel we have to live in within the self tape audition.

Dustin Lewis, Atlanta Georgia

When you SIT in an audition you become reactive, rather than pro active. Compliant rather than engaged. OK, sure you can be dynamic and higher status and all those good things you hope to deliver in your well planned, well structured, seated audition. But do you have the freedom to go where you want.

Try this for an exercise. Stand in front of the mirror. Or better still, stand in front of a camera. Record your movements. Note: this is the freedom of the digital world. You have just created your own stage, your own performance space. You don’t need a workshop, a stage or heaven forbid, an audition space. You have your own!

Take an eyeline to your imaginary reader. So they will be in front of you and just off to one side. Now turn 90 degrees one way, and now the other. Get out your iPhone, send a text while you still engage with the imaginary reader. See how long you can continue the conversation without looking directly with the reader.

It works. Or, it can. If you execute it correctly.

Honesty and insight. It takes me behind the veil. Breaks down the barriers

between casting directors and actors.

T McKinnon Sydney

Do you remember Rachel McAdams test for The Notebook – she turned her back to the other actor (who happened to be none other than Ryan Gosling)

You have just created a freedom of the space. It is now YOUR space. And you have establish YOUR freedom! You will never see it written on the page and you won’t be asked to do it by a director.

This freedom is yours – but only if you take it.

And it is much harder to deliver it, if you are sitting down.

If you are an experienced actor, you are saying ‘the Casting Director would never let me do that’. And I agree, you are right. 100%

You do not have freedom in a Casting Director audition. But you can do it in a self test.

In fact, you can only do it in a self test.

It takes courage. It takes imagination. And it takes the kind of empowerment that happens at the Self taping School.

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The six week course starts on October 16.

Can your career benefit from empowerment? From being proactive?

Invaluable. It is a major rethink for auditioning.

J Brady London, UK

Of course, you can simply wait for opportunity. Just wait for auditions to come to you. But will they? Are Casting Directors reaching out to you? Or your agent?

If your answer is no, then I urge you to stop waiting for things to happen. Stop waiting for the industry to come to you. Most likely, it won’t.

You have to go out and take what is yours. And what is that?


The chance to be seen, or to be auditioned, for your roles. You know, those roles you were born to play?

Don’t wait to be asked to audition. Create your audition. At home. Now.

Carpe diem chicos.

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The single most beneficial thing I have done for my acting career.

R Howard, Qld

Has completely changed my approach to auditioning.

F. Braithwaite Sydney