How To Think Like A Casting Director

There is a fundamental misunderstanding with actors. You think the best actor gets the part, when in fact, the right actor gets the part.

More importantly the right actor gets asked to audition. Or more likely, gets asked to self test. Your drama teacher and your training compels you to make clear strong decisions for your character. On each and every line.

Your audition sides are covered in notes, reasons, conclusions and strict decisions at each and every moment of the scene.Be an individual for audition success

You think that the audition pages are the key to doing a good audition. And yes you will do a good audition. A performance that other actors will shower you with congratulations.

But they are not giving you the job. The casting director is.

I am.

To succeed in auditions, you must understand what the casting director is seeking, for this film or TV project.

I implore you to do less work on the character and more work on WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING FOR.

Think of this, are you perfect for ‘General Hospital’ (US), ‘Shortland Street’ (NZ), or ‘Home and Away’ (Aus)?

If so, you need to re invent yourself to be considered for ‘True Detective’. You need to think about the community the casting director is trying to populate.

Auditions are a time for us to experiment, explore, try new ideas. If you treat your audition opportunity with studied technique, with practiced perfection, you will be quickly forgotten. Because that is what every actor is striving to deliver.

My approach to auditions is unlike any other. When you take one of our courses, you will never see auditions the same again.

Put simply, it is more important to deliver the RIGHT actor to me rather than the BEST actor.

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