For Auditions, You Must Avoid These Two Words

As an actor, when you receive your audition sides, you are excited about what you can create. There are no boundaries. No restrictions.

But then you start to lock things down. You start to hear how a line is said. And very soon, you cannot imagine it said any other way. So you prepare exactly what you will do at every moment in the scene.

You are taking a defensive attitude into your audition.

Many times this is driven by the writer notes. The writer notes say the character reacts in a certain way. You justifiably interpret that as “I must deliver this moment” “I must react in this way”.

“I Must”

…. must be avoided

Did Robin Williams ever say I must?

If you KNOW what you will deliver … I know it will be dull.

When preparing your audition, if you use the words ‘I must’ – or even think the words ‘I must’ – then your audition is doomed. You have stipulated a certain feeling or a pre ordained response at a specific time in the scene.

And guess what? If you have arrived at that decision, I betcha ten bucks so have a lot of the other actors I am auditioning.

And so you will all be the same.

I urge all actors to see things from where I sit. Where the casting directors sits.

If you are to succeed as an actor, you must try to understand what goes on in the minds of casting directors when they are watching your audition.

We are not looking at how GOOD an actor you are.

We want to know how INTERESTING you are.

Change ‘I Must’ to ‘I wonder’. I think it will work better.

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Planned delivery = Audition predictability.