Casting Directors – Don’t Make Them Think

In a Casting Directors office, what impact does one more actor’s head shot have?

Not much. Let me explain

Do these offer individuality?

Which one of these girls can Scuba Dive?

My journey is to populate this script. Any script. Every script. Let’s imagine it is Sanctum. I am helping to build this make believe society on the screen.

In my preparation, my attention is captured with photos and articles about cave diving, scuba, abseiling etc – and I am sure this is what grabs James Cameron’s attention also!

But you think I am looking for actors. Trained, experienced, steeped in studied technique style actors. Actors who deliver drama, conflict, and can analyse text.

My life is FULL of actors such as this. I do not need any more.


“Thank you Greg Apps for providing this wonderful course

and returning my freedom of creativity.

I no longer feel like a slave to the page”

Sarah B, Sydney


What I do need is inspiring, innovative, impulsive individuals. This is how we populate film scripts. Film communities.

Let’s talk about Sonja Sohn for a moment. She got her break because she was a slam poet. The director saw her perform and offered her a role. Subsequently, she went on the star in the HBO series The Wire.

Think Outside the Square to be Remembered

Can you Deliver Individuality? Or only technique?

She got her break, she was remembered because of her non actor background. Because she was an individual.

If I am casting Sons of Anarchy, don’t send me your actor photo. I will not notice it. But send a photo of you in a gang, I will look twice.

Think of this. Not so long ago, if I was interested in considering you for a project, I had to put time aside to audition you in the room. Not now.

Now I simply say ……. ‘Can you send me a self test?’

The traditional way of communicating with CDs is with a professional actor head shot.

The new paradigm for actors is that you can connect to the decision makers in ways that put the power in YOUR hands.

But no one will give it to you. You have to make it happen.

“Self Taping School is fantastic, empowering, invaluable”
Charlie M, Sydney

Note: According to Wikipedia, Sonja almost quit The Wire because she had trouble learning all the lines!

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