Every actor strives to be better. But is that the right goal?

As you read more of our thinking here at The Audition Technique, you will come to realise we think outside the square.

Or more accurately … outside the frame.


Here is an interesting question for you. Regarding your audition prep:

Do you spend more time looking at the sides?

Or more time looking at the screen? The frame.

Because that is the message. That is the communication you send to a director, or the casting director, or the network or studio.

They are watching the screen. That is the important thinking to master.

And we can help you.

I was an actor. Many years ago. I worked with Denis Hopper among others.

But I never did a drama class. Back in those days, drama training was for theatre. So your goal was to be bold in your choices. Bold in your delivery. And bold in your stage presence.

Does Michael Cera deliver boldness? Or Seth Rogen?

Not really. And yet they are hugely successful screen actors.

To succeed as an actor, you must embrace the understanding that there are three different performances an actor needs to master.

Stage, screen ….. and the screen test.

We believe auditioning is not acting. It requires a different set of skills and a different focus.

We would love to share it with you.

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