Green Room – How do you Create your Own Work?

As a TAT graduate you know how to audition. How to use the space to make your version of the character pop. You understand the relationship between eye line and the frame. All good stuff!

But how do you create your own work?

Holly Hargreaves – An actor who creates work

At last weeks August Green Room Q & A,  we were thrilled to have Holly Hargreaves, a TAT grad, as a special guest, sharing with us her journey to become a 2017 Tropfest Film Festival finalist. She made a short film on the final day of submissions. And it established her credentials as a triple threat: actor-director-writer.

In short, she created her own acting work.

Her seven minute film “Diary of a Youtuber” was shot in approximately one hour, at home, edited it in about 45 minutes and went on to become a finalist in the largest short film festival in the world. One of the top 12 films from approximately 3500 entries from around the world.

She was also just pipped for the Best Actress award at the festival. (I still think she should have won!)

Rebel Wilson in Bargain

This award of course, was the launching pad for Rebel Wilson to become an international star.

She was not the film maker, but the film was a vehicle to deliver her individuality to the world. A seven minute film at Tropfest

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What truly creative person ever delivered great work in one draft!?

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” ….. the greenroom journey …  has actually given me an incredible sense of confidence and an understanding, to release the desperate need for perfection, and instead, allowing an unstructured space to find a sense of playfulness and rawness in the work and be true to ourselves. “

From one of our GR members just this week

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PS Holly spoke of the benefit of accessing the website No Film School. They have a special white paper on the pros and cons of film making using a DSLR camera. For your convenience, I have attached it here. DSLR_Cinematography_Guide.