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The Audition Technique Self Taping School 
Personal Mentoring Feedback from an Awarded Casting Director!

6 Week Course

6 weeks of content, including self taping exercises, drip fed video lessons and two live webinars with Greg Apps. Each webinar finishes with a live Q&A.

Self Tape Weekly

Build your self tape library by self taping every week. Each week you will deliver a self tape in a different genre. See below for detailed information on our weekly self tape genres.

Personal Mentoring

Greg Apps provides individual private feedback for your self tests. He will build your confidence for the camera, empowering you to deliver memorable self tapes.

Video Lessons

Our techniques will change the way you look at auditions. Video lessons delivering unique insights and performance tasks.

“SO interesting watching everyone else’s tapes, the diversity, the improvement during the 6 weeks. And to learn how to see it from a casting directors position. Would recommend to any aspiring actor!”
– Mia Milnes, Sydney

“I find Greg’s lessons and critiques in the workshops to be clear and applicable. It’s great to have someone open up the mysterious and misunderstood world of casting with such generosity”
– Cam Faull, Melbourne

Other Features Include…

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    Member Dashboard

    Access to all course content via your own member dashboard page.

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    Facebook Group

    Access to a private Facebook group to stay up-to-date with the course, connected to your fellow classmates and The Audition Technique team.

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    Vimeo Group

    Access to a private Vimeo group where all participants post their self tapes.

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    Graduate Perks

    Access to special graduate memberships and groups.

Devised and delivered by Australia’s most experienced Casting Director, Greg Apps.
You will be shown how to deliver auditions from the Casting Directors perspective.

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Weekly Genres:

Each week you will deliver a self tape in a different genre with Greg providing his personal feedback straight to your inbox:

Auditioning for Prime Time Television
Auditioning for Soap Opera Television
Auditioning for Romantic Comedy
Auditioning for Comedy
Auditioning for Film & Cable Television
Your Brand Week

Lesson Modules:

How has the digital world changed a Casting Directors day and how can actors insert themselves into his or her world? Learn how a self tape communicates and gives the actor creative control.
Stop thinking like an actor and get into the head of a Casting Director and make a lasting impression. What is the Casting Director judging you on? What makes you stand out? We’ll teach you how to cut through the noise and stand out in decision maker’s minds.
What do you do if the Casting Director knows you but doesn’t get you in for a role you are perfect for? Learn how to encourage these decision makers to give you another opportunity. We’ll show you how to use self tapes to build your character repertoire.
Are movie stars the best actors? If it is not their ability that gets them noticed and keeps them in work then what does? Do they have a magic formula? Discover the best character qualities which help actors make a connection.
Ask Greg Apps, an experienced actor and casting director your burning audition and industry-related questions.
In this lesson we explore the restrictions of the audition space and how you can overcome them. What is compulsory focus and how can you avoid it? Learn how to not deliver the plot and make your audition memorable.
This lesson will show you how to simplify your entire audition without relying on the script. What is your version of the audition character? Greg Apps provides critical insight into capturing this character.
We help you capture those ‘wow’ moments in a bottle and deliver it in an audition. Learn about magic moments and how to avoid conformity in your auditions.
We help mould your motivations within the audition scene as well as exploring natural distractions that help you stand out from the crowd. Learn why the punctuation is less important than other elements within the script.
Greg Apps knows what casting directors are looking for and can teach you how to best present yourself. This lesson we teach you how to build your career playing one character and how to deliver your niche. Learn how to recognise your character traits and to embrace them.
What is the difference between a studio self test and an unscripted selfie? Here we learn about what your character needs to portray and how you get that in front of the Casting Director. We also discuss your agent and what they are selling. How has the digital age affected their day?
It’s time to build your brand. Why does this casting director need to choose you and how do you deliver what they are looking for? We help discover and guide your presentation for the better.
How does status relate to you as an actor? Learn how to substitute your real life relationships and how you relate that to your character. We show you how to deliver a compelling relationship between you and your reader.
Greg advises you to take what you’ve learned so far and helps you make the best audition choices possible.
You have now developed your communications tools for specific times and genres. How do you leverage your new found ability through your agent? If you don’t have an agent, no problem. We can help you with that too. You’re ready to sell yourself.
Casting directors are trained to notice the subtleties. We help you fine tune what you’ve learnt to create a persona decision makers want to see again and again.
This lesson ties all your skills you have learned over the 6 weeks. You now have the skills to explore and build your career in order to move forward. We summarise all our self-taping audition tips, to ensure you’re ready to deliver your best, when the time comes.

Our Testimonials:

“A big thank you to Greg Apps for the past 6 weeks. I have so much more confidence with putting down a self tape and a much clearer idea of what I’m aiming for in potential jobs and goal setting.”
– Alex Given, Melbourne

“What a wonderful ride over the last 6 weeks! Massive thanks to you for allowing us to be part of a community. Your generosity in giving us the tools to stand out in a selftape is rare. Thank you for helping us create a positive pathway on our acting journey!”
– Tracie Filmer, Gold Coast

“I’ve really appreciated receiving the weekly feedback from you Greg. You have a way of giving enlightening insight that is both bold and refreshing. This is one of the most innovative courses I know of so far!”
– Kylie Loveday, Sydney

“Ultimately, casting directors spend more time with me in the room and best of all I continue to find unexplored territory through individuality by, as Greg always says: ‘allowing the character to deliver the dialogue.’”
– Stephen Horst, NYC

“The self taping course is without doubt one of the best courses I have done to date. I finished the six weeks not only with a new skill set, but with a sense of purpose and focus with respect to my acting. Highly recommended.”
– Katrina Gow, Melbourne

“I was fully prepared due to The Audition Technique. If you asked me honestly “does it work?” Yes it does. But you have to put the work in.”
– Jack Brady, UK

Our course intake is currently closed



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