Self Taping School – August 15th 2016

Frequently Asked Questions:

Self Taping School is designed to turn your self taped screen tests into powerful connection tools. A form of communication to speak to agents, casting directors and producers.

Self Taping School is the culmination of a five year development strategy by Casting Director Greg Apps.

It is a purpose built training plan to turn actors into auditioners. And the best way to audition in a digital world, is to self test.

In six weeks, we will transform you into a self taping devotee!

The training is released in weekly modules and consists of short videos, PDF templates, audio files, & more. All the training is online and contained in our private, member-only site. You retain access to all content for the length of the course.

You can review lessons at a time and place that suits you. It is truly the acting workshop of the future!

Self Taping School is designed for actors who are seeking more opportunities in film and television. It is usual industry practice that self tapes are requested in place of an audition in the casting directors room. But the potential of self tapes can provide far more opportunity than simply to do an audition. The course suits anyone who realises their knowledge of screen auditions and audition delivery can be enhanced with improved self testing skills.
The next six week course of Self Taping School starts on August 15th, 2016. Future semester dates will be posted online! Once the course starts you must wait until the next intake.
No. Video lessons become accessible as the weeks progress. The course content is specifically structured to be delivered at key times. It is in your best interests to absorb one principle or theory, and to practice it at the weekly self taping workshop, before moving on to the next topics.
There is no guarantee of audition success in this industry. We cannot and do not lay claim to methods of certain success that will mean you book more jobs. However, we do draw from decades of experience of high end feature film and television casting to teach you how to make your self tapes stand out.
No. It is not a necessary requirement, but it is covered. There are aspects of the course and Greg’s teachings that are certainly beneficial to those actors with an agent, but your journey at Self Taping School will prepare you to get an agent – or even a better one!
You can read fantastic reviews of our online Audition Technique courses here. The testimonials included here have come from members of our Self Taping School, as well as our past online courses.
We know you are busy, that is why the course has been segmented into bite sized chunks. This is a 6 week course. Our video lessons are short and concise, with the total lesson engagement (including time to prep and record self tests) no longer than 2-3 hours per week. Naturally, you can invest more time and reap the benefits. You can also engage with the online community for as long or as little as you wish.
This is an online program, however there will be the chance to collaborate and receive feedback on the various assignments in this course via the community of fellow students. The community members are based all over the world, so the process of digital connectivity – rather than face to face – is something we have perfected over an extended period. We encourage members to seek out other members in their local community, because combining energies and ideas is the best way to get the most out of the course.
Enrolments are open and accepted until the day of the course. Numbers are limited though, so we expect to book out. We will keep you advised if it seems we are about to close the course because we are full.
Yes. However, our Self Taping School will probably be running only once more this year!

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