The 3 Things You Need To Know For Actor Success

Your deepest, most heart felt performances are emotionally driven. That’s the cornerstone of all your training. But to succeed, you need different goals.

In my online courses, we invite our members to share a private Vimeo page. Which means everyone sees the work of other members.

Which means they see what I see. They sit at their computer and watch the work of actors. All recording the same scenes.

And the first realisation for everyone is:


The best actor is not necessarily the best person for the part

The first thing actors realise in our course is that a lot of actors CAN do the part. That is, they have the ability to perform the role.

This is a biggie for me. Because actors strive to be better. To deliver a character that delivers a depth of emotion and major conflict.

Is that what Zach Gillianfakis does? Or Amy Schumer? Or Melissa McCarthy? Nope.


They deliver their unique appeal. But to achieve that, the first thing you have to do is rid yourself of the thinking that to be a successful actor, you have to be a good actor.

In my audition space, I see actor after actor striving to get the pages right. Exactly right. In short, they are seeking audition perfection.


 If you strive for perfection, you are the same as everyone else.

The main thing to know is that a perfect performance does not make an interesting character. What is perfection?

It means your goal is to minimize mistakes. (How many times do I hear an actor say ‘oh it was ok but I fluffed a line’

So what?

The audition is only a FIRST DRAFT of your character. And you judge it on accuracy? Spare me please.

And lastly, your acting training empowers you to believe you can play any role. Any character. And yes, you can.


On stage.

Because that is a performers medium. But on screen, there is an important fact I need you to know.


There is at least one role you can play that no one else can play.

Your goal must be to get an audition for THAT role. Because one audition for the roler you were born to play, is a hundred auditions for roles you are not right for.

That is the role to go for. That is the role you must be seen for. And you can chase this role with self testing.

What I have said here is not new. It is a simple marketing or sales approach. To chase buyers who like your product. (You!)


They do not waste time trying to sell every product to every customer. They choose their targets.

And to succeed, so must you

To succeed, you must use your head, not your only your heart.