The first step to acting success? Stop believing the experts

We all have our mentors and teachers in this industry. People who we respect and learn from.

In over 35 years of casting I have found the most important opinion to listen to, is my own. I have learned to trust my instinct.

And to succeed, so should you.

This is a Jackson Pollock. One early catalogue of an exhibition described his work thus:

“Volcanic, Unpredictable, Undisciplined. It spills out of itself”

Can you imagine him in art school? What would his teachers have said to a student who steadfastly broke every traditional rule of art?

Now think of you. What teacher or drama coach would encourage you to aim to deliver unpredictability? Or to be undisciplined.

You must trust your instinct.

Your natural flair must be in every scene you deliver. Your natural, unique qualities.

It is said of Pollock he would literally dance around the canvas, throwing paint at it, until he saw what he wanted.

You can do the same. Well not in a casting director audition, but in a self test, absolutely. You have the freedom, like Pollock, to create your own version of the character.

How do you achieve this?

Break the rules. Explore the boundaries of your work and your character. So many actors give themselves the discipline of the punctuation, the character breakdown and the writer’s scene directions. They are merely a guide. In your hands, in your self test, the character is yours. Not the writers.

What is your passion? Your interests? Maybe you are a nurse in your ‘other’ job. That means you can deliver a medical better than most. More importantly, a medical character is the role you must be seen for.

Confused? Perhaps. Our thinking here at The Audition Technique will show you that there are many many actors who are thinking in ONE direction.

In a creative industry, you do not succeed by conforming. By being like everyone else.

You must cultivate individuality. Seek the unique.

It is not easy. It is not obvious. But you must embrace it for success.

“A complete paradigm shift in the way I think about the industry” – Flavia Ceridwen, Australia

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