Three Words To Avoid In All Casting Director Communications

You see a casting director in a theatre foyer. Or socially somewhere.

Or maybe you get the opportunity for a test in the room. And so there you are in front of them.

You first thought is to impress. You start with your latest work, your latest training, or the fact that you got to the last three for a big role.


Lets pause for a moment and ask ourselves …. Is that what impresses a Casting director?


  1. No
  2. Definitely not
  3. A thousand times no
  4. What were you thinking?!!??

You do not need to impress me, to get me to think of you or to respect you.

You have to CONNECT to me. Engage with me.


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How do you connect to someone you fancy? Someone you like. You make the conversation about them. You compliment them.

And in reverse of course, if that good looking guy or girl is only interested in themselves, then you quickly tire of being the ‘giver’ in the relationship.

So what words are to be avoided?

I,  Me or My.

And now you pause. Your mind is racing! How do you have a conversation and never use I? Or me? Or My?

You make it about them.

What series have they just cast? Are you excited to see it? Tell them.

Have they recently won an award? Congratulate them.

Hugh Laurie is reluctant to suck up!

Hugh Laurie tells it like it is!

Or the big kahuna ….. well, OK, it is the big kahuna in my world:

You are looking great. Have you lost weight?

Guaranteed to make me smile guys.

Of course, the conversation has to be genuine. We can all see insincerity, so find things to say about the person that you genuinely like. Yes, I know it can be really tough with a casting director!

In my world, there are thousands and thousands of people to see. To consider. To audition.

Your goal is to leave a lasting impression that makes me think of you. At the right time.


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Isabel D, Melbourne