Why Bad People Make Memorable Characters!

As actors, one of your main goals is to be liked. But being … ‘nice’ … does not mean you will be liked.

Donald Trump has proved that!


So how do you achieve being liked, by not being likeable?

I want you to understand something about the audition space:

It was laid out by a casting director.
It is NOT an actors creative space.
It is a casting director’s space.

The layout of the space makes you face the reader. You look at him or her for the whole scene.

To which you will say, and your drama teacher would agree, that we have to see your face.

stare-eyeballI think there is a more important thing to see. And that is the relationship. Because in the audition space you think your face and your delivery are the key components to the relationship. Your acting.

If everyone enters the room thinking in this way, and you think the same, then you will be dull. Predictable. Guaranteed.

Have you delivered a relationship?

We will be fascinated and intrigued if you do.

This is the essence of the thinking that you must have if you are going to deliver auditions …. Nay, self tapes …. That are memorable.

This is how your pilot season audition is remembered … or alas, forgotten.

By delivering a character, and a relationship, that is not expected.

That is essential if you are to succeed.