Acting Success Is In Your Hands

Around the world, acting schools are sending their new actor graduates into the world of auditions. Their enthusiasm and determination is at an all time high.

After a one year or three year course of acting every day, mixing with like minded souls, eating, breathing, drinking acting you are now …..

On your own. What should you do next?

You have your actor head shot, your actor resume, your demo reel, your agent ….. so now you wait. Wait for someone else to make a decision to allow you to audition.

Call Me!

You MUST be pro active about your career. And doing classes is not the answer. Sure, that helps your craft. But does it connect to paying work. And the people who are casting the paying work.

Have you started connecting to decision makers on social media? Are you working at a good home studio set up, where you can record a self test, an impro, an ad lib character sketch?

practice-2This is how you connect to decision makers. Sit in my seat for a second. I am a casting director. Does your actor head shot tell me anything other than:

You are an actor.

Guess what? I know that.

Your journey to being a successful actor is not driven by doing more classes to improve your skills. It is delivered by the following:

What roles were you born to play?
Who is casting those roles?
How do I deliver my message to those people?

Right now you are perhaps saying “this is impossible”. You are saying that because you have not even considered approaching an acting career in this way.


But you MUST. It is nearly 2017. Actors who know how to self test and deliver their individuality on social media are succeeding.

Are you succeeding? Or waiting.

Waiting for someone else’s decision.

Just make sure you don’t hold your breath while you are waiting.

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